(L to R)    Jason Dean     Kent Coffey     Donny Catron       Doyle Catron

Donny  Catron
Based out of Memphis, The Tennessee Gentlemen have been entertaining bluegrass fans for over thirty years.
Donny and Troy  Castleberry , the founding member of the group, worked together for twenty five years until Troy’s death in 2000.
Donny, along with his brother Doyle, decided to continue the group in the same fine tradition.
The rhythm guitar player for the band, Donny sings” sky high “ tenor and lead vocals.
He has played with Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and Signal Mountain. When not playing a festival with his own band ,
Donny performs with Jesse McReynolds and the Virginia Boys.

Doyle Catron
From bluegrass rooted in the early seventies, Doyle came full circle with his music and joined his brother in 1994, forming a group
Called  Neshoba.  Neshoba  morphed into the Tennessee Gentlemen. Coming from a background in rock, blues and country,
his solid bass tempo drives the band. Doyle sings low  lead , tenor and harmony vocals, He also occasionally plays the guitar on stage. Behind the scenes, Doyle keeps the website updated with performance photos and festival dates.

Kent Coffey
Kent Coffey started taking guitar lessons from jazz guitarist Gus Smith at age 9, and has been playing professionally since age 10. His father Lynn and brother Sam were his biggest influences and they had a family band until Lynn’s untimely death. Kent continued to play music with his brother Sam in various styles and configurations until they formed The Coffey Brothers’ Bluegrass Band around 1988. When Sam relocated after several years, Kent and his wife Beci continued with the band-now called The Buffalo City Ramblers. In addition to The Tennessee Gentlemen, Kent also plays with BCR, Carnes and the Heaters -a blues band formed with his musical mentor Carnes McCormick, and Swing Shift-a jazz trio consisting of  Kent and Beci and the above-mentioned Gus Smith.    

Jason Dean 
Jason Dean started taking mandolin lessons from Larry Dickson in Sherwood Arkansas when he was around 8 years old and then when he was 14 he started taking lessons to learn and play banjo,guitar, and bass but enjoys and enjoys playing the banjo the most.Jason has played with grand prarie band and is currently playing with Buffalo City Ramblers ( Kent and Beci Coffey brother in law and sister in law) and with the Tennessee Gentlemen.  He is married to Vicki and they have 7 children between them. He loves playing banjo, hunting, and spending time with friends and family.